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Florida: Suggested Topics

Florida history, culture, wildlife, fiction, and other topics.

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Suggested Topics

Florida's Indigenous Peoples

Seminole family in 1900's reconstructed scene of calusareplica of Appalachee counsel house

  • Where and when did the people live?
  • How did they live? What is known about their social system, religion, economy, and so on?
  • What effects did European contact have on the people? Do they still live in Florida today? If not, what happened to them? 

Search the library catalog for more resources using the tribal name,  browse the shelved for more resources. 

Endangered Plants, Birds, and Animals

gopher tortisePicture of sandy landscape of Florida scrublongleaf pine treesmanatee

  • What is this plant or animal? Why is it unique or important?
  • How and why is this plant or animal endangered?
  •  What is being done to save it?
  •  How successful have the rescue efforts been?  

Examples of endangered animals

  • manatee
  • sea turtle
  • Florida panther
  • sand skink
  • gopher tortoise
  • scrub jay
  • key deer

Examples of endangered plants:

  • pygmy fringe tree,
  • scrub blazing star
  • longleaf pine
  • ghost orchid

Try searching by the scientific name in addition to the common name to locate scholarly articles about plants and animals. 

NASA and Kennedy Space Center

High-altitude test pilotUnmanned robotAtlas V spacecraft

  • What exactly happened?
  • Who was involved? What roles did they play?
  • What was the context or background of this event?
  • What was the aftermath of this event?
  • What was learned from it?

Examples of important events:

  • The founding and earliest days of NASA;
  • the Mercury missions; the Apollo 1 tragedy;
  • the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon;
  • the near-tragedy of Apollo 13;
  • the Challenger or Columbia disasters,
  • the Voyager missions and/or other unmanned scientific missions;
  • the rise of commercial space projects such as Space-X.

For more resources, check out out NASA suggested resources below, or search the catalog. To find information on specific missions or events, make sure to include the name of the mission in your search.