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Library Resources


There is one kiosk on the Highlands Campus on the second floor of building Y. It is located near the reference desk behind the elevator next to the restrooms.


Using WEPA

How Does WEPA Work?

1.     Go to from your personal laptop or any computer.

2.     Click "Register" to create your account. You can also register directly at the kiosk by touching the "Create an Account" button and following the instructions.

3.     Add funds to your account using a credit or debit card.  You can also directly pay at a kiosk for with a credit/debit card.

4.     If you are using a computer in the SFSC library to print you would:

o    Open the file you want to print.

o    Select the WEPA-BW printer for black-and-white printing, or WEPA-Color for color printing.

o    Enter your WEPA log-in information in the pop-up screen, or chose Guest option (No Account, print now and get a WEPA code) on the bottom right-side of the pop-up screen.

o    Write down the release code (three numbers and three letters)

5.     Go to the nearest WEPA™ kiosk and tap the "Don't have a Card? Tap here" box on the screen.

6.    Select "I have a WEPA Code" box and enter your “release code” that was displayed when your document was uploaded.

7.     Select your method of payment.

8.     Print your document(s).

  (***)    If using a USB jump-drive, after pressing "Don't Have a Card? Tap here" select "Print from Cloud or USB (no account)" and select the USB option. When prompted on screen insert it into the WEPA™ kiosk. Then, select your document(s) and, lastly, select your method of payment to print. (***)

What is WEPA?

WEPA (pronounced wee-pah) is an acronym for Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere.

WEPA is a rapidly growing cloud printing network that enables anyone with an internet connection to upload documents and then print them anywhere a WEPA kiosk is located. The SFSC Library has one WEPA kiosks available at the Highlands campus.

With WEPA, you can wherever there’s an internet connection. Simply upload documents to the WEPA cloud and print them conveniently at any WEPA kiosk.  You can also download the app for both Print what you need and pay using an online account, or a credit or debit card.

WEPA allows you to print in color or B/W, one sided or two. WEPA is both fast and convenient

Special Thanks

The structure and large parts of this guide were originally created by Lori Kelly for Florida Keys Community College. Reused by permission from Lori Kelly from Florida Keys Community College.

SFSC specific content and edits by Michael Garcia.