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Library Resources: Special Events

Library Events and Workshops

Hogwarts Colloquium and Celebration

Hogwarts Celebration and Undergraduate Research Colloquium Friday February 28

South Florida State College, Highlands Campus, Building Y

 The South Florida State College (SFSC) Library and the SFSC Honors Program present a celebration of Harry Potter's world and a colloquium of undergraduate research on Friday, February 28 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

This event combines a celebration of the magical world of Harry Potter with a colloquium of Undergraduate Research. Learn more about the original scholarly research happening at SFSC while earning house points, playing games, making crafts, and more inspired by the wizarding world.  For more information, please contact Michael Garcia @

All Day: 
  • Photo Spot with Props (1st floor lobby of Building Y)
  • Registration, Sorting Hat, and House Points redemption (Library 2nd Floor: Service Desk)

Games (Library 2nd Floor)

  • Match Your Wits; Match Your Wands game 
  • Dragon Challenge Trivia

Crafts (Library 2nd Floor)

  • House Scarves Lanyard craft 
  • Care and Coloring of Magical Creatures
  • Wand Box Construction

Treats (Library 2nd Floor)

  • Honeyduke's Candy Dispenser: Now Accepting Muggle Currency 

CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Deadline Friday, Jan 31 @ 5 p.m.)

Performance Showcase: Short performances of creative works. Performances should be less than 6 minutes in length, but could include poetry, fiction, song, dance, theatrical acts, or other performance-based presentations.

Poster Sessions: Works of scholarship, engineering, interpretation, or art. Posters or art should be no more than 75 by 45 inches in size. Each artist or scholar will be on hand for a set period of time to discuss, explain, or share at the event.

Presentations: Longer form presentations of 15-20 minutes focused on scholarship related to the Harry Potter universe or series in some way. Presentations should include a PowerPoint or similar visual accompanying presentation. 

Poster Sessions

Talking Planimals! The Bioacoustics of Fusing Cyphastrea Coral
Presented by Camila Rimoldi Ibanez

Corals play a huge role in our oceans by supporting the critical coral reefs and in Earth’s health. The way corals reproduce and grow has given insights in leading restoration programs. Communication is vital for all organisms to grow and exchange information. The coral specie Cyphastrea was tested for their hypothesized communication via ultrasonic sounds when undergoing the fusion method at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, nighttime). Both live and dead corals were tested with a digital oscilloscope in which the trigger level was raised above the highest peak of electrical noise to differentiate the ultrasounds emitted by the corals and the electrical noise. In total 25 ultrasound spikes were recorded for the live coral in contrast to none for the dead coral. Because precautions towards unwanted electrical voltages were taken and the dead coral displayed no spikes in the 30 trials, it reinsures that the spikes observed for the live coral were produced and emitted by the corals. Notably, 52% of all spikes occurred during the Nighttime intervals in comparison to 28% during Afternoon and 20% during Morning intervals. There seems not to be such a strong connection between the different growth rates of the individual corals and the number of spikes recorded for each. Still, this proposes that live coral can emit ultrasounds and more actively do so during the Nighttime than any other time of the day and so, if this communication can be understood and harnessed, a new foundation for restoration for corals worldwide is within reach.