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Ebooks - Searching and Viewing

Viewing eBooks in eBook Central

1. Click on the link to Ebook Central above of from list of the A-Z Databases.

2. Click the Sign In button in top right corner for the option to download eBooks.

3. Type your search terms into the search box and click Search.

Proquest Ebook Central Search

4. After finding an eBook, click on the title or book jacket to open it.

Proquest Ebook Central Find

5. Similar to the eBooks in eBooks Collection database, while reading the title, you may search within the eBook for key terms and words. Select Read Online to search within title for specific words or phrases or access other tools such as adding notes, printing pages, and downloading the eBook to your personal device.

Primo Search

Find Books, eBooks, Articles, DVDs, and Streaming Videos

Looking for more Tips and Tricks of what you can do? Check our Primo Guide.

General Search Tips

  • Start your search in Primo, then look in subject specific databases for more specific results.
  • Boolean Search terms: AND gives you only results with both of your search terms, OR gives you results with either one of your search terms (but not necessarily both of them), NOT excludes results with that search term.
  • Start general, and refine to a specific search.  If you have a general idea of what you would like to focus on, search a broad term, and then refine as you discover what is available. 
  • Look at the subject terms and keywords that the articles you find are using. If they seem relevant, you may wish to incorporate them into your search terms.
  • If your results are too broad, add additional search terms to refine your search.
  • Searching for a specific phrase? Place it in quotation marks to search for those exact works in that order. For example: “To be or not to be” will find that specific phrase, rather than each word individually.
  •  Need to find a word or phrase in an article PDF, an e-book, or on a webpage? Use CTRL and F to open a search box that will search the text within a document.