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Primo (Library Catalog)

How do I select which records to Search?

You can choose the group of records, or search scope, where you wish to do your search. These options include Everything, Library Catalog, Statewide Catalog, and Articles. These can be seen as you begin to type search word(s) and they can be seen to the right of your search in a drop-down menu.

Selecting a Search Scope

  • Everything includes the complete collection of library materials including physical books and journals, media, other physical items, eBooks and eJournals, streaming video, other electronic materials, and articles.
  • Library Catalog includes materials your library owns. This search will include books, journals, other physical items that are in the library, and selected electronic materials.
  • Statewide catalog includes the holdings of all 40 Florida public colleges and universities.
  • Articles includes online articles and other electronic content.