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Avoiding Plagiarism

SFSC Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

The faculty of SFSC is committed to a policy of honesty in academic affairs. Conduct for which you may be subject to administrative and/or disciplinary penalties, up to and including suspension or expulsion, include:

  1. Dishonesty consisting of cheating of any kind with respect to examinations, course assignments, or illegal possession of examination papers, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to produce academic work or to show academic progress. If you help another to cheat, you will be subject to the same penalties as the student you assisted.
  2. Plagiarism consisting of the deliberate use and appropriation of another’s work without identifying the source and the passing off such work as your own, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI). If you fail to give full credit for ideas or materials taken from another, you have plagiarized.

In case of cheating or plagiarism, the instructor may take academic action consistent with College policy that may range from loss of credit for a specific assignment, examination, or project to removal from the course with a grade of F. You and your instructor should seek to resolve the problem to mutual satisfaction. Failing this, your instructor or you may request action from the appropriate instructional supervisor, dean, and the vice president for academic affairs and student services (see Grade Appeals in this College Catalog) who adjudicates on the basis of College policy.