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Mathematics: PERT Prep, Math Basics, & Intermediate Algebra

Review your mathematics and brush up on your skills here!

PERT Prep Resources

The Florida’s Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.)  measures a student's readiness for taking College level courses. This exam will determine if you are ready to take Intermediate Algebra to College Algebra. Scoring too low may put you into a remedial course like Developmental Math where you earn the pre-requisite to take Intermediate Algebra, but the PERT can be retaken to score higher.

College Algebra is often times the course required to graduate with an Associates in Florida, but note that Intermediate Algebra will usually count towards the completion of your degree as well.

Whole Numbers



Expression and equations

Ratio and proportion

Inequalities and functions

Linear equations and functions

Systems of equations

Exponents and polynomials


Rational expressions and equations

Radical expressions and equations

Quadratic equations and functions


Measurement and area

Statistics and probability

Coordinate geometry

Negative & rational exponents

Advanced polynomials