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Just about Everything You Need to Know about the Library

Example of an SFSC ID card.

Example of a SFSC Library card.

Using Library Materials without a Library Card

Students, staff, faculty, and community members may always use materials in the library, but you will need a photo ID to check out materials or use materials on reserve. 

Anyone attending school or employed by the college can sign into one of the computers to gain access, but community members will need to present a photo ID at the library's Circulation desk to check out a computer. 

SFSC Students, Staff, and Faculty

For SFSC students and employees, the college photo ID card serves as a library card.

Students can get an ID card in the Building B Welcome Center on the Highlands Campus.

DeSoto Campus, Hardee Campus, or the Lake Placid Center students can get an ID card at the front desk of their respective campus/center.

All SFSC students may present a photo ID, such as a valid driver's license or passport, instead of a college photo ID card to check out materials.

Community and Alumni/ae

A community member, age 16 or older, may borrow materials from SFSC libraries or use a computer at the Highlands Campus. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to check out materials or use computers; they must also be accompanied by an adult.

As a cardholder, you are responsible for anything checked out on your library card. If you lose your card, contact us immediately so we can halt the card’s use.

In addition to your library card, we may also require a photo ID to check out materials or computers.

Heartland Library Cooperative

We have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Heartland Library Cooperative (HLC), which includes the public libraries in Highlands, Hardee, DeSoto, Glades, and Okeechobee Counties. HLC cardholders may present their HLC cards and a photo ID to our circulation desk to have SFSC borrower accounts established at no charge.

Community Members

A community member with no HLC card may purchase an SFSC Library card at the Highlands Campus cashier’s office or the front office of the DeSoto or Hardee Campus or the Lake Placid Center. The card fee is $5 and is good for five years.

On the Highlands Campus, bring your payment receipt to the Library circulation desk to pick up your card. A library card is required for borrowing materials from any SFSC library and for using computers in the Highlands Campus Library.

High School Students

We issue free library cards to high school juniors and seniors who are not dual-enrolled, 16 and older. Pick up a card application at the Library circulation desk and return the application with a parent’s or guardian’s signature.